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Our story begins in 1972, when we moved to South East Asia for a three-year assignment. While there, we had the opportunity to travel throughout the region, including Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, India, Ceylon, and Indonesia. We tried to visit China then, but those were the days when the U.S. and China did not have diplomatic relations, so our visa application was denied. Since 1975, we have returned to the region often, and have added Laos, Cambodia and China to the countries we have seen a great deal of, and have grown to love. Our travels naturally resulted in our acquiring many treasures along the way. When we returned to the States, a number of our friends asked about our finds - what were they, where did they come from, how could they find something similar. It was not much of a leap to say, "The next time we are there, we'll try to find something like this for you." We realized that we could turn our love of travel and collecting into a small business. And so "Personally Yours" was born. "Personally Yours" exhibits our wares three times a year at the CALM Antique Show at the Earl Warren Showground in Santa Barbara. The rest of the time, our treasures are stored throughout our home and in our garage. People asked us if we had a web site; we realized that this could help others enjoy and appreciate the treasures we had found. So this web site was born. We felt "Asia Accents" was a more descriptive name. Welcome! Parm and Frank Williams