Santa Barbara Art Company

15 West Gutierrez Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-1157
Whether you are a seasoned collector brimming with confidence or just beginning to start an art collection, the Santa Barbara Art Company will excite and energize you. Located on the corner of State Street and West Gutierrez, the Santa Barbara Art Company represents extraordinary contemporary art from a talented stable of artists. The mother and daughter team of Gail and Heidi Ferguson showcase proven, established artists from around the county, including several from Santa Barbara County.
“We’re one of the oldest galleries in Santa Barbara,” says Gail, who has owned the gallery since 1984. “After moving from the East coast where I worked for large corporations, I felt I was at a place in my life that allowed me to choose a career that I always wanted to pursue. I wanted to be involved with art. Since I’m not an artist, an opportunity to own a gallery was presented to me and I leaped at the chance”. Not long after, Gail’s daughter, Heidi, who had been working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles, came up to help her mother. Heidi, like Gail, immediately fell in love with the business.
Today, the Fergusons are always on the look out for new, invigorating artists. “We discover our artists as they come in and present their work to us, also, at art shows and fairs,” says Heidi. “We see work from at least 10 artists a month and have come to understand what our clients would like. In the history of our business, we’ve never had a more extraordinary collection of artists”.
One artist that the Santa Barbara Art Company represents is Sherri Belassen. Belassen transforms blank canvas into divers, surfers, horses, even cowboys that speak to the observer’s soul. They are planning her next solo opening for early November. Other artists include Linda Ging – abstract paintings overflowing with color, Hunter Hogan – scenic abstracts of Santa Ynez Valley, and America Martin – paintings attributed to Academy Award winning actress, Mary Steenburgen’s character, as seen on the television show Joan of Arcadia.
In addition to the hundreds of fine art pieces, Santa Barbara Art Company also specializes in classic custom framing. Having framed over 25,000 pieces, the Fergusons work diligently to make sure every custom frame is right and to the customer’s liking. With over 3,000 frame samples to choose from, the choices are endless.
If you are starting an art collection or adding to one, and you appreciate fresh, creative art, visit the Santa Barbara Art Company. Gail and Heidi have established quite a fan base and their customers keep coming back, if only to thank them and share with the Fergusons how much they enjoy the art work. “Our Santa Barbara clientele travels around the world,” says Gail, “and it’s always a joy to hear from them that we are still their favorite art gallery.”