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INTERIOR DESIGN HAS NEVER TOUCHED SO MANY LIVES as it has during the past decade. Everywhere one turns, whether it is television, shopping, the newsstand or even the internet; we are faced with some link to the home fashion industry. The current trends have brought eccentric tastes to the forefront and a new outlook to both the young shopper and experienced collector. Part of this newfound interest in home design stems from those who have decided to make their home environments more nurturing for themselves and their family. Also contributing to the
rise is the growing home office market. With so many people using an area of the home as a primary office space, that space must now be attractive and comfortable as well as functional.

The shops of Santa Barbara nurture these diverse tastes and needs with a wide range of items for the home. From the very popular Mediterranean style, which lends itself to Old World traditional accessories and furnishings, to the cozier feel of the cottage style, every desire can be satisfied here. For those who want a more lean, modern look, there are many stores which offer contemporary furnishings and accessories as well as Asian antiques and period pieces from the Arts and Crafts era. Whatever the dream of home may be, the shops of Santa Barbara can help fulfill it in a way that is pleasing and comforting.